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Mistakes Made by Sellers and Buyers in Noida and How to Avoid Them

The land has always been the most desirable asset to the human race. The human brain wants to possess, and hence, has forever been after the land of the planet. Everyone wishes to accomplish and achieve as much as one can in one’s lifetime. This is why the real estate business has seen a huge boost in present times all around the globe. Although, the field is greener in the real estate domain, yet there are several tricks missing and some pretty common mistakes committed by both sellers and buyers that pull down the efficiency of a deal.

Here we shall discuss a few major mistakes that are committed and should be avoided both at the end of a buyer and a seller:-

Mistakes at the seller’s end

Avoiding the agent

It is usually the case that people looking to sell their property do not want to involve a professional real estate agent in the deal as they wish to save the commission. But this certainly works the other way as a professional agent could still get you a better deal and you shall save even after paying off the commission.

Refurbishing the property

The property up for sale often needs repairs and fixes that are not actually entertained by the seller before they show off the property to a potential buyer. This is where the seller loses a chance of getting a higher bid for the property.

Over the market value

Another mistake that sellers commit is listing a property that is over the market value. The right property value comes with a flexibility of -3% or +3% of the market value. Any amount too higher than the market value is only put up by a seller who likes that on sale sign on their property.

Mistakes at the buyer’s end

Hurrying up

Buying property or real estate takes a considerable investment, and hence, should only be processed after going through all the probable options and confirming the best price for you. Hurrying up in such matters is a mistake committed by buyers that can cost them way too much at times.

Fear of negotiation

Buyers have a fear of negotiating with the seller or the agent. This is basically because they lack the knowledge of the exact market value and trends and think that they might sound unrealistic or novice or might make an offer that would be too ridiculous to be accepted. This is where they lose a lot of opportunities in getting the property at a price that they desire.

Loan terms

Buying a property on loan is an interesting prospect for all. It is a mistake at the end of the buyers when they do not look for a favourable loan term that shall suit their need and requirement.

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